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Stan­dard Menu

v = con­tain only plant-​based ingre­di­ents Aller­gens such as wheat (gluten), eggs and milk are present in much of our food, ask the chef to help guide you through the menu. Although we do our best to avoid cross con­t­a­m­i­na­tion we can not guar­an­tee that there will be no traces of aller­gens in dishes that do not include aller­gen ingre­di­ents. Please advise our staff of any food aller­gies upon order­ing and we will do our best to meet your require­ments. Gluten Free soup rolls (v) or sliced bread avail­able upon request (GF sliced bread con­tains egg white).


Small Plates

Avo­cado on toast £3.25 v

Round of toast with organic but­ter or sun­flower spread £1.50 v

Scram­bled Tofu on toast £3.75 v lightly spiced tofu, pan fried with with kale & sesame seeds, and sea­soned with black salt.

Scram­bled Organic free range eggs on toast £3.50

Full Break­fast Plates Gluten Free option avail­able sur­charge 50p small/£1 large (Includes car­rot & corian­der sausage, kale and gluten free bread roll)

Small Vegan £5.10 v Avo­cado on toast, hand­made veg­gie sausage, grilled mush­rooms, gar­l­icy cherry toma­toes, hash brown and baked beans

Hun­gry Vegan £7.00 v 2 rounds of avo­cado on toast, 2 hand­made veg­gie sausages, grilled mush­rooms, gar­l­icy toma­toes, 2 hash browns & baked beans!

Small Veg­gie £5.00 Round of toast, hand­made veg­gie sausage, organic free range egg, gar­l­icy toma­toes, mush­rooms, hash brown & baked beans

Hun­gry Veg­gie £6.80 2 rounds of toast, 2 hand­made veg­gie sausages, 2 free range eggs, gar­l­icy toma­toes, mush­rooms, 2 hash browns & baked beans!

WRAPPED (take away prices in yellow)

served with crisps and side salad (Sweet potato fries avail­able £1.50 extra)

Vegan Spe­cial £3.20 £3.60* v Hum­mus, car­rot, beet­root, avo­cado, gar­lic toma­toes, red onion, toasted pine nuts, spinach

Goat Cheese, Beet­root & Chut­ney £3.40 £3.80 Creamy Goat’s cheese, beet­root, sweet onion chut­ney, rocket & spinach

Roast Veg, Hum­mus & Olives £3.10 £3.40* v Roasted red onion & pep­pers, with gar­l­icy toma­toes, hum­mus, olives & spinach


served with crisps and side salad. (Sweet potato fries avail­able £1.50 extra)

Grilled Hal­loumi Cia­batta £4.80 £5.20 Hal­loumi cheese with hum­mus, Sriracha chilli sauce, vine-​ripened toma­toes and pep­pery rocket

Veg­gie Sausage Cia­batta £4.00 £4.50* v home­made veg­gie Sausages with roast veg­gies and sweet onion chut­ney

Roast Veg­gie & Hum­mus Bagel £3.50 £4.00* v Creamy hum­mus, oven roasted red onion & pep­pers

Avo­cado and tomato Bagel £3.50 £3.90* v sliced avo­cado and vine-​ripened tomato

Goat’s cheese, beet­root and onion chut­ney Bagel £3.50 £4.00 tangy, crumbly goat’s cheese, topped with sliced earthy beet­root, sweet onion chut­ney & rocket

Organic Mature Ched­dar and sweet onion chut­ney Bagel £3.50 £3.90 per­fect combo of rich mature ched­dar cheese and sweet onion chutney

*add ched­dar, blue, goat or vegan cheese for 50p extra


Sweet Potato Fries £2.20 v

House Salad Baby leaves & Rocket with beet­root, avo­cado, cherry toma­toes, red onion, car­rot, hum­mus, sprouts and toasted seeds (add any cheese for 60p extra) £3.70 £4.00 v

Soup of the Day £2.70 £3.20 v Always vegan and gluten free (ask if gf roll or vegan but­ter required)

Toasted bagel with butter/​sunflower spread £2.00 v

Cheese & onion toastie £2.50 £2.60 vegan cheese available

Cheese & tomato toastie £2.60 £2.75 vegan cheese available

We also have daily spe­cials such as home­made falafel, veg­gie burg­ers, noo­dles, cur­ries, quiches and more, which change every few days!


Syrups 40p

Espresso (stan­dard dou­ble) £1.70

Espresso Machi­atto £1.90

Amer­i­cano £1.90

Cap­puc­cino £1.90 small /​£2.30 reg

Latte £2.30

Flat White £2.10

Kokoa “sin­gle ori­gin” Hot Choco­late £2.50

Tea (pot) £1.50

Teapigs spe­cial­ity Teas (see table menu) £1.80

Matcha Tea (per cup) £1.80

Matcha Tea Latte £2.80

Fentimans/​Belvoir Presse/​Cawston £1.90

Fro­bish­ers fruit juice £1.90

Min­eral water £1.20

Kid’s drinks £1.00

(Non-​dairy milks at 30p sur­charge, ask your server which plant based milks are avail­able today!)