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Stan­dard Menu

v = con­tains only plant-​based ingre­di­ents Ask us about allergens

BREKKIES (served until 2pm)

Small Plates

Avo­cado on toast £3.30 gfo v

Round of toast with organic but­ter or sun­flower spread £1.50 gfo v

Scram­bled Tofu on toast £4.25 gfo v lightly spiced tofu, pan fried with with kale & sesame seeds, and sea­soned with black salt.

Scram­bled Organic free range eggs on toast £3.75 gfo

Full Break­fast Plates Gluten Free option avail­able sur­charge 50p /£1 (Includes car­rot & corian­der sausage and gluten free toast)

Small Vegan £5.50 v Avo­cado on toast, hand­made veg­gie sausage, grilled mush­rooms, gar­l­icy cherry toma­toes, hash brown and baked beans

Hun­gry Vegan £7.50 v 2 rounds of avo­cado on toast, 2 hand­made veg­gie sausages, grilled mush­rooms, gar­l­icy toma­toes, 2 hash browns & baked beans!

Small Veg­gie £5.20 Round of toast, hand­made veg­gie sausage, organic free range egg, gar­l­icy toma­toes, mush­rooms, hash brown & baked beans

Hun­gry Veg­gie £7.20 2 rounds of toast, 2 hand­made veg­gie sausages, 2 free range eggs, gar­l­icy toma­toes, mush­rooms, 2 hash browns & baked beans!

WRAPPED (take away prices in yellow)

served with crisps and side salad (Sweet potato fries avail­able £1.60 extra)

Vegan Spe­cial £3.60 £4 v Hum­mus, car­rot, beet­root, avo­cado, gar­lic toma­toes, pick­led red onion, toasted pine nuts & spinach

Goat Cheese, Beet­root & Chut­ney £3.80 £4.20 Creamy Goat’s cheese, beet­root, sweet onion chut­ney, rocket & spinach

Roast Veg, Hum­mus & Olives £3.60 £4 v Roasted red onion & pep­pers, with gar­l­icy toma­toes, hum­mus, olives & spinach


served with crisps and side salad. (Sweet potato fries avail­able £1.60 extra)

Grilled Hal­loumi Cia­batta £5 £5.50 Hal­loumi cheese with hum­mus, Sriracha chilli sauce, vine-​ripened toma­toes and pep­pery rocket

Veg­gie Sausage Cia­batta £4.50 £5 v home­made veg­gie Sausages with roast veg­gies and sweet onion chut­ney

Roast Veg­gie & Hum­mus Bagel £4 £4.50 v Creamy hum­mus, oven roasted red onion & pep­pers

Avo­cado and tomato Bagel £3.80 £4.20 v sliced avo­cado and vine-​ripened tomato

Goat’s cheese, beet­root and onion chut­ney Bagel £4 £4.50 tangy, crumbly goat’s cheese, topped with sliced earthy beet­root, sweet onion chut­ney & rocket

Organic Mature Ched­dar and sweet onion chut­ney Bagel £3.80 £4.20 per­fect combo of rich mature ched­dar cheese and sweet onion chutney


Sweet Potato Fries £2.50 gf v

House Salad Baby leaves with beet­root, avo­cado, cherry toma­toes, pick­led red onion, car­rot, hum­mus, sprouts and toasted seeds £4 £4.50 gf v

Salad extras: Hal­loumi £1.50 Goats cheese £1 vegan cheese £1 Mature Ched­dar 80p

Soup of the Day £3 £3.50 v Always vegan and gluten free (ask if gf roll or vegan but­ter required)

Toasted bagel with butter/​sunflower spread £2.00 v

Cheese & onion toastie £2.70 £3 vegan cheese add 30p

Cheese & tomato toastie £2.90 £3.20 vegan cheese add 30p

We also have daily spe­cials such as home­made falafel, veg­gie burg­ers, noo­dles, cur­ries, quiches and more, which change every few days! Check our spe­cials board for details.


Syrups 40p

Espresso (stan­dard dou­ble) £1.70

Espresso Machi­atto £1.90

Amer­i­cano £1.90

Cap­puc­cino £1.90 small /​£2.30 reg

Latte £2.30

Flat White £2.10

Kokoa “sin­gle ori­gin” Hot Choco­late £2.70

Reg­u­lar Tea (pot) £1.50

Teapigs spe­cial­ity Teas (see table menu) £1.80

Matcha Tea (per cup) £1.80

Matcha Tea Latte £2.90

Fentimans/​Belvoir Presse/​Cawston £1.90

Fro­bish­ers fruit juice £1.90

Min­eral water £1.20

Kid’s drinks £1.00

(Non-​dairy milks at 30p sur­charge, ask your server which plant based milks are avail­able today!)